Using Points

Get 5% on all Your Sponsored Friends Purchases, Always.

We are a Private Members Only Community, we need you to invite new members.

Your Rewards of 5% are Powered by Your Friends you Invite to Join.

Use the tools here to Invite Your Friends to Join NowInvited!

Your circle of friends powers your life in the real world, so we designed our Rewards Program to do that as well.

Let's say you invite a friend and they except to join NowInvited. Now that specific friend decides to buy an offer from one of our vendors. For example a $100 towards a dinner offer on one of our wonderful restaurant offers, you receive 5 points which is based on 5% of that transaction.

After you have been on the site for a short time, you may have several of your sponsored friends also make purchases and your points could be adding up. You decide you want to buy a day at the Spa offer for $100 from one of our Spa vendors on NowInvited. You have the option to pay with a credit card or PayPal and from your Rewards Points you have saved up on NowInvited. If you want to pay for the Spa offer using your points, you will need to redeem 125 points to pay for the $100 Spa offer.

Confidence in NowInvited -

We need our Members and Vendors to know that NowInvited is a real legitimate business and that we offer a real benefit. NowInvited is not a multilevel marketing scheme. You do not receive rewards from whom your friends have separately invited to join NowInvited. Your Rewards program with NowInvited is based on just your circle of friends you sponsor. Also note that you are not rewarded any additional points for your own purchases. This is no intended to be a get rich quick scheme. You do not make money on this site, you earn Rewards Points. You do not pay taxes on your NowInvited Rewards Points, since our rewards works the same as airline miles points or other common consumer rewards programs. You are not required to make any minimum monthly purchases. You do not invest or buy into our company. Your are not required to make a purchase at all. We do not charge members a monthly membership fee.

There is no cost to join NowInvited.

You only pay for the things you purchase of your own free will.


Referral FAQ What is this?

We are giving out 5% Reward Points to our current good standing members for every friend they refer. The rewards start when their new sponsored friends make any of their purchases on our site after they join, ongoing. It is our way of saying "thanks" for spreading the word and increasing our collective buying power! 5% Reward Points can be used toward any purchase, and they never expire.

How do I participate?

Share your personalized referral link using the tools we provide in your member dashboard. When someone clicks that link, we will know you sent them.

What are the rules?

If someone joins NowInvited within 24 hours after clicking your link, we will notify you within 24 hours of their first purchase and automatically add 5% Reward Points to your account. You can refer as many people as you like. Check your balance by clicking My Stuff > My Transactions.